Tresa Tudrick is a multi skilled sports reporter, fill-in anchor, and host at KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. Tresa started working for KPNX-TV as a sports intern in 2016 and worked her way up to an on-air sports reporter at KPNX-TV while completing her master’s degree at 22 years old.

Tresa is a rising star as a sports reporter and anchor. Tresa has presence, great energy, and a true understanding and love of sports, especially for football. She couldn’t play, but cheerleading was the next best thing, spending 15 years on the sideline learning the game on the spot.

Tresa is trained as an MMJ, capable of producing, writing, editing, shooting, and reporting in scripted and unscripted settings. Tresa is very bright, highly motivated and would thrive in any setting that took advantage of her engaging personality and versatility. Tresa’s contract expires in December 2018.